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Anonymous said: you're not pathetic, because i know who you are.

Thanks, too bad I don’t know who you are. And you don’t really know who I am or you’d know I hate guessing games. :p

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Anonymous said: <3<3<3<3 Wifey Donna! :)
~ Detta

❤ always Detta. I hope you’re doing well

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Anonymous said: Wao Really All go Miss You T_T Maybe you Remenber me i'm Soultearz GL and see you Soom the beautiful Blog GZ

Yeah I remember you. Thanks (:  Hah, I finally quit though. Burnt out.

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Anonymous said: Miss you punk, makes me sad when i read your post =( cause of all the good times we had. ; ; <3 say hi once in a while ya? take care

always. and…..oh hi.

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Anonymous said: :*

I hope you’re doing well, don’t drink too much.

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In my end is my beginning.

Sit me down, 
Shut me up,
I’ll calm down,
and I’ll get along with you.

NOTE: This is for those if you who don’t give enough of a shit to hear my half a years worth of life story or can’t be arsed to read a wall of text. Also, maybe if you’re dyslexic.

I looked over all my messages/ask that accumulated over the time I was away. I have answered most of them. (sorry for the dashboard spam) So if you’re still interested feel free to check for the answer to your message. Most of the asks are posted via the anonymous option, so in most cases only the original poster would recognize their own question.

Anyway… Hi.

I’m alive, as you can see me with my ridiculously cute mittens. Firstly, I apologize for just going MIA. Aside from quitting Aion over half a year ago, I realized that gaming has become one of my many unhealthy escapisms. It’s always the same constant vicious cycle. I am currently taking a break from all online/video gaming. I have no self control and my willpower tends to be shit. Quitting Aion triggered my blogs initial inactiveness. After all, this tumblr revolved around images of my gaming journey. Most of my blog audience and related friends are fellow gamers. I no longer had anything relevant to talk about.

Self destruction. Those two words pretty much sums up my entire time away. Long story short, I’m somewhat back on track. I was also been working 90 hours a week so work took over my life for a while. I’m recovering a bit as of now since I finally hired a qualified person so I don’t have to work overtime like a slave.

Out of courtesy for my followers who most likely followed me based on my gaming content, I decided to use a separate tumblr so your dashboard isn’t entirely spammed with content I’m personally interested in outside of Aion.  I have been planning a couple of new blogs in place of this current one for a while now.

This post will mark as the last on this tumblr. I have removed most of the sidebar options as of now since this will remain inactive until I start gaming in the future again by any chance. If you have any questions, comments or wish to keep in touch please refer them to my new tumblr or blog. I also use MSN.

For those of you interested in keeping up with my life or new blogs I will link them below.

Journal Name: byebye-waltz

personal interest tumblr
Content: Eyecandy of things I like. (ie. music, art, photography, fashion, books)

personal journal on blogspot
Content: My empire of dirt. (ie. everything. rants, talking to myself, reviews, daily life, memories, current interests, pms, being a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling& more)

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yuki-umi said: i was looking at the list of people i follow and it said you updated about an hour ago which kind of surprised me. what have you been up to, dolly?~

Oh wow lady you’re very active on tumblr. You caught me setting up my other blog, I’ve been messing around with it for a while along with my blogspot. Oh by the way, your screen shots are getting better by the day. Love the coloring. Yes, I still did and do check my dashboard from time to time.

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Anonymous said: hey donna ive been looking at ur tumblr for updates each week and no one from havoc knows what happened to you. i hope you are ok [:

Aw, I’m touched. I’m okay. I tend to go MIA when I go crazy. Then I waltz back into life… so… Hi.

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Anonymous said: really enjoyed reading your blog but you've seemed to randomly dropped from tumblr for a while now. hope everything's okay and that you're doing well

Thanks for reading - I didn’t think people actually read my blog to be honest. I think a majority of it was me being annoying obsessive about pretty things and the other half was me PMSing. I’m okay now. Thanks for your concern. You should let me know who you are. I’ll be moving blogs soon if you’re someone to keep in touch with.

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Anonymous said: where you been dolly o.0 did you quit aion ?

I’ve been under a rock and yes I did.

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